Here you will find Freepascal/Lazarus components to access sqlite databases. It comprises of two TDataset descendants (TSqliteDataset and TSqlite3Dataset), the Lazarus package and a thin sqlite3 wrapper class. They were designed with simplicity and speed in mind avoiding code complexity and gratuitous overhead.


  • Updated site
  • New release of TSqlite*Dataset
  • Updated the tutorials
  • Fixed some broken links
  • Moved site from Geocities to Yola
  • Updated the documentation (tutorials, api reference)
  • New release of TSqlite*Dataset


I was developing a application to catalog my games (roms) and needed to store the info into a database. I already had experience with Delphi/MySql and was not satisfied with the performance/complexity of such solution. In fact, is a bit overkill to have a server running only for a desktop application.

So i found Sqlite. It was the perfect solution for what i needed: small, without need to install or configure. But, unfortunately, the component that Freepascal provided at that time was not very functional. It was read only, slow, with a lot of bugs. Initially, i tried to hack it and sent some patches (i've used the Karl Brandt code name for some time) to the fpc team, but i concluded that was better to start from scratch. That is what i did.

Since 2004 the TDataset descendant is included in the Freepascal distribution.
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