Current Features

  • Inherits all the features of sqlite
  • Supports both sqlite2.x and sqlite3.x data files
  • Supports Auto Increment fields
  • Easy creation of tables at runtime
    • Suitable to use as a memory dataset
  • Implements Master/Detail relation
  • Implements Locate/LocateNext/Lookup functions
    • Allows wildcards in the search key
  • Support for Lookup and Calculated fields
  • Keeps track of the changes in data allowing to apply the updates with a single function call
  • Makes possible to build fully functional applications without using SQL commands (useful as a replacement to TDBF or Delphi TTable)
  • Implements different methods to manipulate data using SQL commands:
    • Populates the dataset using SQL queries
    • Executes a batch of SQL commands at one pass
    • Retrieve data directly from the database
    • Retrieve data using a callback function

 Planned Features

  • Blob fields support
  • Filtering through OnFilterRecord event
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